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Westwood Music Club believes that music is one of the most profound and important cultural elements in our lives. Throughout all of human history, nearly all forms of celebrations, ceremonies, and entertainment are enhanced by, if not completely centered around, one form of music or another. Our mission is to share the skills and knowledge of music in a way so that as many people as possible can learn to play or sing to their fullest ability.  We aim to break down the barriers that prevent many people from learning, whether that be helping families find time in their busy schedules or provide rewards for progress.


Membership is open to all families and individuals in Richmond Virginia and surrounding areas that wish to enrich their lives in a culture of participation.  We believe that anyone, no matter what level of talent or experience they possess, can enjoy the benefits of playing an instrument or singing their hearts out. Our staff work with our students and their families (our members) to let them set their own goals and intentions for music lessons. We appreciate and teach a wide array of musical styles, from classical techniques and repertoire, to classic rock and the latest hits. We celebrate our student's achievements and showcase their development through recitals, concerts, and other special events.

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"Our hope is that you  find music something you enjoy and can be good at."

-Ryan Corbitt

founder and director


This history of this program goes back to April 2012 in Richmond's Historic Fan district. There  Ryan Corbitt started a piano lesson program at Tabernacle Baptist Church using some of the unused pianos and Sunday school rooms and called it "Grove Avenue Piano." The program succeeded by focusing on finding quality teachers that loved sharing music with all ages and after a short time he started offering piano tuning services as well with easy online booking. 

In spring of 2017, five miles west on Grove Avenue, another music lesson program was planning to close. Ryan then saw this as an opportunity to operate the lesson program on a larger scale while keeping the same company name. The store front in the popular Westhampton area also offered an opportunity to carry pianos for sale and some sheet music, guitars and accessories. 

By Summer of 2019 the lease on the building was coming to an end and it was time reevaluate the status of the program and look into the future. Grove Avenue Piano had become not just a unique music lesson program but community of families and individuals with a close relationship with both their teachers and staff. It also offered lessons on many other instruments and fun rock band classes that enhanced the music learning experience with a fun social element. After finding a vacant building for lease nearby, Westwood Music Club was born. No longer just piano lessons, the new facility would offer the community a place where they could also learn guitar, voice, drums ukulele and their families a space to relax or work while waiting. This unique corridor of the city is a connector between Richmond's West End, Northside and Southside.  It would be a club for the 21st century, open to all that want to enrich their life through music. 



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