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Drum Lessons for Kids, Teens and Adults in Richmond, VA
Ages 6+

Do you or your kid have your heart set on the drums?

Our drum lessons incorporate more than just how to hit the drums in rhythm. Our drum team works with students to understand how to read music and play with good technique. Drums are a real instrument and we want you to love playing the drums so much that practice is fun.

What you need for your first drum lesson

We don't require our students to have drums at home. If you do, great! If not, don't worry about it just to get started. After a short time though you'll probably want to have sticks and a practice pad of some kind.

We supply all of the books and sheet music, so no need to pick up anything in advance!  If you have had lessons before and have music you last worked on, it's a good idea to bring it in and we can better access your level and what next steps to take.

Registration is ongoing!

Convenient after school and evening times are available.

Call 804-762-0481 or click below to find out available times. 

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