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Ukulele Lessons for Kids, Teens, and Adults in Richmond, VA
Ages 6+

Has this little 4-string bundle of joy sparked your interest? The ukulele is one of the most accessible and easy-to-learn instruments out there. Because of its affordability and portability, it is a great first step into the wide world of music.  Although strongly associated with Hawaiian culture, you can play songs of folk, rock, and pop. 

The "uke" is a great pre-cursor to playing the guitar as the basic technique is the same, but its a whole lot easier on your fingers! Children and adults quickly find the ukulele to be an absolute blast.

Westwood Music Club in the near west end of Richmond offers individual ukulele lessons for ages 6+! We want you or your child to fall in love with playing the ukulele so much that practicing is something they want to do.

Are you ready to start? Click the button below and let's do this! 

What you need for your first Ukulele lesson

You don't have to have one at first, but soon after you'll want to have one of your own and bring it to every lesson. We supply all of the books and sheet music, so no need to pick up anything in advance. 

Registration is ongoing!

Convenient after school and evening times are available.

Call 804-762-0481 or click below to find out available times. 

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