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One 30 minute private lesson per week.

$49 Registration Fee

$39 per week - billed monthly 

$156/mo average 

  • Monday         2:00pm-8pm 

  • Tuesday         2:00pm-8pm 

  • Wednesday   2:00pm-8pm 

  • Thursday       2:00pm-8pm 

  • Friday            2:00pm-6pm 


All family members of students enrolled in lessons or classes are considered members of Westwood Music Club and have access to lounge and other facilities.  Fees only apply to number of students enrolled in lessons or classes.


All students have a recurring weekly lesson or class at the same time. The front office staff handles all scheduling and time change requests via phone text or email, teachers are not responsible for handling scheduling requests. The schedule is posted in the online portal for convenient access and can be synced with iCal or Google.


All fees are charged automatically via credit/debit on on the first of each month for the weeks in the previous month. Each student's lesson time or spot in their class is reserved especially for them. Charges apply every week regardless of the students attendance. For cancellations see below.


No charges for holiday closings. 

Missed Lessons and Make-ups

If you can't make a lesson, log on and click "cancel attendance" at least 24 hours in advance. Then you'll get a make-up credit and can use it to register for any make-up time posted online. A "no-show" with no notice or less than 24 hours notice will result in no make-up credit issued. Make-up credits expire after 90 days. 

Need to Cancel Membership?

We do not require long term contracts or commitments. If at any time you feel that you want to cancel your membership, you may request the withdrawal form and complete it to stop lessons and end billing.

Online vs In-Person Lessons


Any lesson can be in-person at Westwood Music Club, or remotely online via Rock out Loud Live, a special video meeting platform for music lessons. Your lesson time will be marked recurring one way or the other based on your preference. You may use this link  to switch the status of your lesson for a single lesson or recurring.  This is especially handy if there is a sick family member, transportation constraints, or you want the convenience of staying home.  

Registration is ongoing!

Convenient after school and evening times are available.

Call 804-762-0481 or click below to find out available times. 

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